Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park

It's been several years since Harriet has been to Bryce Canyon National Park. Harold (obviously) hadn't been in a very long time.  He sure does travel a lot, but he tends to do more international travel...

Harold and Harriet did one of the popular hikes in the park. It was a gorgeous day, and the weather was perfect! (They don't need hot temperatures lurking in the background.)

After they're hiking they then headed to Cedar City, Utah and attended a play at the Shakespearean Festival. 
(Harold and Harriet have a personal photographer who travels with them. During this photo the photographer may have gotten a little too close to the edge...a possible life threatening moment may have happened...)

Touring Her Home Town

Harriet has missed her home town. (From time to time.) She decided that she would bring Harold home and show him around. He still hasn't met her parents. But, all in good time. 
Harriet absolutely loves this pinnacle building there in sunny St. George. Someday she hopes her and Harold can get married there. (It is the only true temple on the face of the earth.) 
Harold really loved the look of this old Mormon tabernacle. He was quick to have Harriet stop and let him take a picture of the beautiful structure. 
The beautiful overlook, looking out into the bustling city of St. George, Utah.